Celebrate Queer Creativity This Christmas: A Holiday Guide to Toronto-based LGBTQ+ Artists and Artisans

Celebrate Queer Creativity This Christmas: A Holiday Guide to Toronto-based LGBTQ+ Artists and Artisans

As the holiday season approaches, it's a wonderful time to celebrate and support the creativity within our local queer community. This Christmas, I am so excited to spotlight some local queer artists and artisans whose work adds queer magic to the holiday season. From handcrafted jewelry to rainbow tie-die to torch-sculpted sex toys, these incredible businesses bring a kaleidoscope of colour and pride to their work.

Why Support Local Queer Artists?

Shopping with local queer artists not only provides you with unique and heartfelt gifts but also strengthens our community. By choosing to buy local and queer, you're supporting the livelihood and creativity of queer people and affirming the importance of diverse voices in the art world.

Alysia Myette Designs Logo


Alysia Myette is Toronto's go-to queer Fanny pack designer! Using a combination of new, upcycled, remnant and recycled materials they create one of a kind and custom fanny packs to make all your dreams come true.

Alysia Mayette Designs - Fanny Packs
"Support Queer artists all year round!"
Find & support Alysia Myette Designs on Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook 


Dust Bunny Jewellery makes art and jewellery for the weird and whimsical. Using crystals, ethically sourced taxidermy, found objects and up cycled items it’s cottagecore, but creepy.

Dust Bunny Jewellery Products

"What I love about being a queer artist in our community is the sense of family we share. We are folx from all space, places and backgrounds, but when we come together what we create is beautiful."

Find & support Dust Bunny Jewlery on Instagram

House of Dwir Logo


Gender-fluid clothing is a passion at House of Dwir, and we create unique fashion options for those who dare to embrace their uniqueness. We strive to provide the world with unique and fashion-forward clothing options that can't be found anywhere else to help individuals look and feel amazing with clothing meant for anyone who wants to transcend ordinary fashion options.

Product Photo samples House of Dwir

“HOUSE OF DWIR is a genderless fashion brand that celebrates individualism, inclusivity, and creativity with an avant-garde spirit. It reflects my belief that we are all equal and deserve to be loved and respected. My role as a fashion designer is to give people a way to express themselves through fashion, unapologetically.”

Find & support House of Dwir on Instagram or their Online Store

Jaketobin Illustration Logo


Using black line work with pops of colour, Jaketobin Illustration aims to capture a sense of place and whimsy.

 Jaketobin Illustration Example

Queer places—bars, bookstores, parks—have such important meaning for people as spaces of belonging, safety & community. I love being able to capture those for people and help preserve some of that cultural heritage as the city changes."

Find & support Jaketobin Illustration on Instagram

Peace Lily Toys Logo


Peace Lily Toys hand crafts glass sex toys, dildos and butt plugs (designed and hand blown in Canada). ***Peace Lily Toys is based in Hamilton, but I love them so much I had to include them***

Peace Lily Toys Sample Photos

We want to bring thoughtfulness, creativity and inclusiveness to sex toys. Everyone deserves to feel pleasure and we're here to help."

Find & support Peace Lily Toys on Instagram or their Online Store

Queer Club Logo


Queer Club is a Toronto-based, queer-owned apparel brand offering 2SLGBTQ+ clothing and accessories. An inclusive club for all identities and genders, we are body positive, sex positive and believe that visibility matters - so wear your heart on your sleeve. All our apparel is unisex, and designed and printed in Toronto, Canada.

Queer Club Product Images

We are incredibly proud to be queer, and we hope our designs allow others to show off their pride."

Find & support Queer Club on Instagram or their Online Store

River On Mars Logo


Handmade Original Art and Apparel based on body positivity and queer flag colours! 

River On Mars Product Photos

The Queer community is so colourful and diverse - and I want my art to always represent the vastness of the wonderful people who inhabit it."

Find & support River On Mars on Instagram  

Wild Rabbit Beads Logo


Wild Rabbit Beads is a 2S artist from Tkaronto. They use traditional and modern materials to create wearables for everyone!

Being queer and an artist during the holiday season means spending time with AND supporting community!"

Find & support Wild Rabbit Beads on their Online Store!

    Toronto Queer Market Logo


    Some of the artists and artisans I've mentioned above as well as Queero Gear and many other 2SLGBTQ+ small businesses will be sharing their work at the 519 Community Centre on December 9 (11am-4:30pm) & December 10 (11am-3:30pm). Come say hello and find some amazing new queer-owned artists and artisans to support this holiday season. 

    This holiday season, help me spread joy and solidarity by supporting our local queer artists and artisans. Their work is not just a product; it’s a piece of their identity and a celebration of queer culture. Visit their stores, share their work with friends and family, and let’s make this holiday season a memorable one for our vibrant community.

    P.S.: Don't forget to check out our range of art and apparel that inspire queer joy at Queero Gear!


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